7 Summer Successes!

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No1 Team Ipswich

Earlier this year, I applied to join Team Ipswich and recently it has been accepted. They are an organisation which support all the local athletes ranging from skiing to archery! They provide us with a free bus service, legal advice, eye care, use of council sports centers, discounted massage, discounted cars/vans and so much more – it goes such a long way in helping so a massive thank you to them!


Team Ipswich

Team Ipswich



No2 Ladies Ski Club

After wining British Champion this year, I received an email from the Chairman (woman) of the Ladies Ski Club inviting me to join as a supported athlete. It’s such a brilliant club and I feel so proud to be apart of it. This year I will be attending the London Ski Show with the Ladies Ski Club on Saturday 3rd November – I can’t wait. Thank you again for the invitation which I gladly accepted!


Ladies Ski Club

Ladies Ski Club

http://www.ladiesskiclub.org/ or http://www.ladiesskiclub.org/athletes.php

No3 Suffolk Business Women

Last week I attended a lunch and inspirational speech with the “Suffolk Business Women” (part of the Round-Table group) and learnt such a lot from all their experience and knowledge from being women in business! Next year, around May time – I will be returning to give a speech on my season and ask their advice on promotion development once more – thank you!


No4 New EgdeRiders Clothing for Season 2012/13

EgdeRiders are my newest sponsor and they are providing me with all my clothing. The brand we chose for my ski jacket and salopettes is Volcom. For my training jacket and thermals I will be wearing Nikita which is such a nice brand – in fact, I’m so happy with all my clothing and equipment!


No5 Adapting the Clothing

However, the clothing from EdgeRiders needed some tweaking – it needed all my sponsor badges and a zip sewn into the trousers so I can take them off at the start line before my race. My auntie Ann is a very clever woman and she has created all my badges for my jacket – which I think look fantastic! The local sewing shop, Star Alterations have sewn them all on and sewn a zip into my trousers! Brilliant! Thank you so much to both of them also!

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No6 Photos and Graphics

We have a photographer in the family – Nikki Hazelton (nikki.hazelton@colchester.ac.uk) who has taken all my new photos that are on my websites, business cards, posters and various other hand-outs.. somehow she has managed to make me look half decent so if you ever need a picture taking, make contact with her! She is currently studying a degree in photography but has always been good at it – definitely knows her stuff!

Then.. my best friend, Sophie Holloway, also doing a degree – but she is studying graphic design. She is the genius who has put all the photos and text together to make it look professional. Yet another one of my many good contacts who is very good at what she does – thank you! 😉

No7 Telemark Skier Magazine

Last but not least! Telemark Skier Magazine have sent me DVDs, hats and stickers as prizes to give away to the children at my coming press campaign in Ipswich. Doing my bit to raise the profile for Telemark.. (blog to follow) and the hats are just too good.. may have to keep one for myself!

Telemark Skier Hat

Telemark Skier Hat


Telemark Skier Magazine website – http://telemarkskier.com/

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