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Since the World Championships

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Since the World Championships in La Plagne, I’ve taken some time to catch up on work for my studies as a part-time student, in Sport and Exercise Science, at the University of Suffolk, although still not quite there yet! There has also been several French competitions, including the French Cup Finals and French Championships. The first of these races was in Morillion which was the French Championship Sprint and I’m pleased to say that I won the race. I was also joined by my team-mates Louis Hatchwell (who finished 3rd in his category), Sion Bingham, Naila Cardwell and Ben Emsley.

On course, Morillion French Championships

On course, French Championship Sprint in Morillion

In the loom, Morillion French Championships

In the loom, French Championship Sprint in Morillion

I had some press coverage recently with In The Snow magazine, the Ipswich Star, the East Anglian Daily Times and on BBC Sport. This is always really helpful as telemark isn’t as well known as other skiing disciplines. We have a very successful, ever growing audience, on the live stream channels produced by Tele-Ho Productions which had over 2 million viewers through the Olympic Channel this season. I like to think all of these aspects are pushing the sport forwards and help to generate a stronger following.

Jasmin Taylor on BBC Sport

Article by Nick Hope on BBC Sport

In The Snow

Article by Patrick Horne with In The Snow

Coverage in the Ipswich Star

Article by Mark Heath in the Ipswich Star

After the race in Morillion, the following weekend saw the French race circuit move to Praloup. The first day was the final French Cup of the season, it was a FIS regulated Sprint race with challenging conditions in the form of fresh snow fall and poor visibility. I won this race and I’m also really pleased for my team-mate, Ben Emsley, who achieved his first podium. Ben finished 2nd in his age category behind French team member and World Junior Champion, Guillaume Issautier. Sissy Compton, young Brit living in France and skiing the French Cup circuit, finished 1st in her age category and team-mate Naila Cardwell, finished 2nd in her age category. Alec Dixon finished 2nd in his age and 4th overall which was good enough to take 3rd place in the overall French Cup standings!

On course in Praloup

On course in Praloup


The French Cup Final in Praloup

Jasmin Taylor and Ben Emsley

Jasmin Taylor and Ben Emsley

The last day in Praloup was the French Championship Classic and FIS race. I finished in 2nd place overall behind double French Champion, Argeline Tan Bouquet. Ben finished in 4th position overall and again in 2nd place in his age category which is another personal best result and an awesome way to conclude his first season of telemark racing. Sissy won her category again, Naila finished 4th within her age category. Alec finished in 10th and Colin Dixon finished in 13th position overall, so all in all, a great show from the Brits!

Sissy Compton on her way down the slopes in Praloup

Sissy Compton on her way down the slopes in Praloup

Ben Emsley in Praloup

Ben Emsley in Praloup

I’m now enjoying some down time with friends before starting my BASI ski instructor courses and university exams. A huge thank you as always to the people making this all possible!

World Cup Update | Youth Olympic Games

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Since my last post, we’ve had another two rounds of World Cup races. The first set was in Les Contamines, again in France, and the second round was in Spain. In Les Contamines, the races were combined with the World Junior Championships and the British Team had four junior competitors racing with an additional six senior racers.

Racing the Classic in Les Contamines. Thanks and photo credits to Flo Brooks.

Racing the Classic in Les Contamines, France. Thanks and photo credits to Flo Brooks.

The first of our races was the Sprint, unfortunately I didn’t finish but the following race, a Classic, I scored a personal best result in the discipline which was 5th place.

A travel and training day later, the team arrived in Espot (Spain) ready to race yet another Classic. The course was steep, icy and the jump was fast so our limits were certainly tested. I am pleased to say that I scored another personal best result, this time one better – a 4th place.

Racing the Classic in Espot, Spain. Thanks and photo credits to Lars Ove Wangensteen Berge

Racing the Classic in Espot, Spain. Thanks and photo credits to Lars Ove Wangensteen Berge.

Another two days of racing remained, I finished in 8th position in the Sprint after a tough race and in 9th place on the Dual Sprint. All in all, the races have been another big learning curve with many positives. That’s half the World Cup circuit complete with the next half kicking off again at the end of the month in Germany.

Between then and now, I will be in Lillehammer for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) as part of an international team representing telemark. We will perform in a demonstration event during the opening and closing ceremonies which is an important, positive step for the sport. I have never been to an Olympic Games so to have this opportunity is very special, I am excited to be here, enjoy the atmosphere and to give my best.

Youth Olympic Games - Lillehammer

Whilst in Norway, we will also have the chance to compete in the Norwegian Championships and do some training, as well as giving telemark taster lessons to the public. Updates are soon to follow!

If you haven’t seen the write up about the British Championships by the East Anglian Daily Times, you can read it HERE.




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