Full Season Update

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At the beginning of the season, back in December, we had plenty of snow. It unfortunately meant not much time for skiing gates, but we did have some awesome powder days!

Photo of Jasmin Taylor telemark skiing

Snow in December

The first race of the season was a French Cup in Celliac, France. I had a good day of racing and finished with a 1st place! Here are a few photos.

Photo of Jasmin Taylor racing in the French Cup in Celliac, France

French Cup in Celliac, France

Photo of ski slopes in Celliac, France

Celliac, France

Then it was on to the British Telemark Championships in Rauris, Austria. After a very long, 10 hour train journey, I finally arrived the evening before the first race. The week was successful and to cut the story short, I won Overall British Champion! Happy days :)

Photo of Jasmin Taylor working on the skate section

The Skate Section.. Definitely needs some work!

Photo of Jasmin Taylor working on the Loom turn

The Loom, a big banked turn – usually before the Skate section, to kill speed.

The World Cup followed the British Champs. The above picture is from opening ceremony. As the race was run by the British, so we lead the other nations through the streets of Rauris. After the march we ended up in the town square and the following days bib numbers were drawn.

Photo of Jasmin Taylor and the British Ski Team marching through the streets of Rauris

Leading through the streets of Rauris

Unfortunately, the races were called off due to warm snow fall meaning the snow was heavy and dangerous to race on. Luckily, the races were perfect once we got to Slovenia though. The slope had artificial snow, and everywhere else was green. Very strange!

Photo of the ski slopes in Slovenia

Ski slopes at Slovenia

The race was a lot of fun and in the end, I finished both days in 12th position. Not bad, but not good.

Now looking forward to spending the coming weeks in Les Houches, France. I’m curently working for the British Ski Academy, and training with my coach Seb Mansart.

Photo of Kneissl ski equipment

Ready for Les Houches, France

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