Grade 3 MCL Ligament Tear

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Last Wednesday, I tore my MCL ligament in my right knee whilst ski jumping in Les Houches. The initial results were not so clear as there was a lot of swelling and pain making it a difficult case for the physiotherapists in Chamonix to diagnose.  Since then, I have been spending around 6 hours every day at La Clinique du Sport who have done a fantastic job to aid my immediate recovery. Yesterday I went to the hospital for an MRI and an X-Ray, followed by a consolation with a top specialist sport doctor whom has diagnosed me with a grade 3 tear and put me in a full leg cast to allow my ligament to repair.

This Friday, I return home to the UK for further treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. I am so lucky to have such a fantastic team of people around me and with their help I am sure I can return to great form with next winter being the goal.

I now have a long summer ahead of me to work hard and become strong again – thank you to Colchester Physiotherapy for their continued support, which is so valuable to any athlete.

I was supposed to fly to Sweden this Saturday for World Cup races, followed by my biggest race of the season in Norway; the World Junior Championships, in Geilo and the World Cup Finals, in Rjukan. It’s my last year as a junior competitor and my current World Junior Ranking states that I am number one, so not being able to race is quite devastating as I really feel I had a good chance of winning. I have been working with my coach, Sébastien Mansart, all season specially for this set of races, with the goal being World Junior Champion or a podium. I understand that this is all part of sport, all part of the process and I hope to become a better athlete because of it. Although right now, disappointment and grief are my main set of emotions.

Good luck to the rest of the GB Telemark Team and World Cup telemark racers!

Right leg, MCL Grade 3

Right leg, MCL Grade 3


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  1. “Good things come to those that believe; better things come to those that are patient and the BEST things come to those who don’t give up” I know this has got to be so hard and so disappointing, but you will get through it. Stay strong and stay positive. Love you!!

  2. Thank you, love you too x

  3. Gutting for you! Hope you get healed up and strong soon. x

  4. Janie South Sim says:

    Thinking of you Jaz. So sorry to read about this. Stay strong and stay positive – in other words stay your usual wonderful self – you will get there – big hugs and lots of love Richard and Janie xxx

  5. Elen Le Bouhellec+ miss L ans miss S says:

    Hi Jazz, quite sorry to hear about this bad injury… You’ll be back stronger than ever. Take your time to Recover, relax.. Elen

  6. Jasmin Taylor says:

    Merci bien. Bisous

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