Hintertux: My First World Cup Podium!

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Wow! What a set of races that was in Hintertux…

I arrived last Sunday in Hintertux having traveled from France with the French Team, it was great to have a few days skiing and training before the racing kicked off. Hintertux Glacier is approximately 3250 meters above sea level and living in Ipswich (England) I think I’m around -10 meters so acclimatizing is very important and never easy, even for athletes that live in the mountains!

The World Cups always begin with an opening ceremony – and Hintertux put on a great show.

Hintertux World Cup Opening Ceremony: I took to the stage to collect my bib - lucky number 7!

Hintertux World Cup Opening Ceremony: I took to the stage to collect my bib – lucky number 7

Then it was time to race! On Friday, we had a Sprint and I finished in 7th position and there was also some great racing from the other Brits, Anna Morrissey finished in 10th place, Andrew Clarke in 25th and Andy Salter also skied well – we all qualified for Sunday’s racing.

Hanging on for dear life!

Sprint Race

Day 2 of racing, was again, a Sprint – this time I finished one better in 6th place but was 4th after the first run so felt a bit disappointed to loose my position, but all in all – 6th is not so bad.

Then came the last day of racing (Sunday) which was the Parallel Sprint. I qualified in 7th position (from the first Sprint race) which meant I met teammate, Anna Morrissey in the first round. I knocked her out, to face Laura Grenier-Soliget from France, then met Simone Oehrli (SUI). It was a close race and she had the lead after the first round. It was still all to play for as she wasn’t ahead by much! I kept cool and skied by best, I was ahead over the jump and as I entered the 360, I saw one ski shoot in front of me, at that point I realized she must have crashed. I’m very sorry for Simone and I wish her a speedy recovery but in the same moment I realized that at worst I was in 2nd place on the senior World Cup podium. I felt overwhelmed and elated – the skate to the finish line was very emotional, I think I was laughing and crying simultaneously! (See the video below to see my reaction!)

Racing Simone (SUI) Oehrli in the Semi Final!

Racing Simone Oehrli (SUI) in the Semi Final

Racing the World Chamion, Amélie Reymond from Switzerland!

Racing the World Champion, Amélie Reymond (SUI)

1) Amélie Reymond SUI 2) ME!!! GBR 3) Mathilde Ilebrekke NOR

1) Amélie Reymond SUI 2) Jasmin Taylor GBR 3) Mathilde Ilebrekke NOR

In the final I raced, the almost unbeatable Amélie Reymond, it was a fairly close race but she was still too strong despite my best efforts! An incredible and indescribable feeling when I crossed the finish line, all the hard work was instantly worth it.

Telemark is Magic!

Telemark is Magic! Athletes united!

I’m now back in Les Houches for a few days rest and more training before the next round of World Cups in Les Contamines.

Thank you to everyone for all the kind words, it really means so much. I’ll leave you with this short video.

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  1. Huge well done to you. What a great start to the season.

  2. kaline says:

    I’m really happy that YOU finished 2 Jaz ! You’re training hard and you deserve it. But be careful, I won’t let you win the WJC ha ha ;).
    See u soon !

  3. David Talbot says:

    Well done!

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