Les Contamines World Cup

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The World Cup Telemark circuit continues, and this time – in Les Contamines, France. What an exciting set of races with plenty of thrills and unfortunately, plenty of spills also. I wasn’t the only British Telemarker present, British Team-mates Anna Morrissey, James French,¬†Frederick Thomas and¬†team captain, Jack Harvard Taylor were also competing.

Opening Ceremony

Anna Morrissey, Jack Harvard Taylor, James French, Me

Team-mate (Anna) and I, received some quality after-ski wear from Snow Angels Ski Wear, so comfortable and perfect to wear at World Cup opening ceremonies – all of their products are practical and functional which is exactly what we need.

snow angel ski wear

Me, Anna Morrissey

It was a tough set of races for me, I’m not satisfied with my skiing but taking the positive, I have learnt a lot and gained more, much need, experience in the World Cup.


Day 1 – Sprint
Finished in 7th position.
Day 2 – Parallel Sprint
Qualified in 7th again, ultimately finishing in joint 5th position.
Day 3 – Sprint
Again, finished in 7th position – tough conditions today.

Les Contamines

Busy Brain

I travel back to the UK tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family.

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