Opening World Cup 2014-15

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The World Cup season 2014-15 has officially begun and the first round of races in Hintertux (Austria) have proved to be a promising start. Every year the races improve and with most of our competitions being live streamed, family, friends and supporters can watch from wherever they might be in the world, which is a huge boost for the profile of the sport and source of encouragement for those competing.

The opening ceremony was a fun start to the weekend, with everyone coming together for a traditional parade through the village, nation-by-nation.

The Opening Ceremony - Nations United

The Opening Ceremony

The first race of the season was a Sprint on a technical course which was an exhilarating experience. Nerves and tension always run high at the start of the season, however I finished in 4th position. The weather conditions eased and everyone seemed a little more relaxed for the following race which was another Sprint. I finished in 7th position and my team-mate, Louis Hatchwell finished in 31st.

Day 1 - Women's Podium (L to R) Me, Argeline Tan (FRA),

Day 1 – Top 5 Women (L to R) Me GBR, Argeline Tan FRA, Amelie Reymond SUI, Thea Lunde NOR, Simone Oehrli SUI

The final race was the Parallel Sprint, with the seeding decided by the previous days Sprint. Ranked 7th, I was paired with Guro Kjølseth from Norway and after winning the first round, I then faced Johanna Holzmann from Germany.

My first run didn’t start well as I caught my pole in the start gate but the race continued and we headed for the jump. Johanna was then disqualified after crashing out just after the landing. On the second run, after a good start I got my skis crossed a couple of gates before the loom which meant disqualification. I finished in 5th place.

The GB Telemark Team Fan Club!

The GB Telemark Team Fan Club!

All in all, Hintertux has been a solid, interesting start to the season and I can’t wait for the next round.

Here are all the video clips from the three days of racing and pre-race interviews:

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