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An Autumnal Update

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We are very proud and excited to announce that Leggett Immobilier, an award winning estate agency based in France, are sponsoring the GB Telemark Ski Team this season, look out for their logo on our van and clothing. They have a great team of individuals working for them and they are in fact recruiting, you can read more about their ethos here.

The happy team at Leggett Immobilier

In other news, the British skiing federation, formally known as British Ski and Snowboard, have now re-branded and changed their name to GB Snowsport. The branding is now consistent across all disciplines. You can follow our team channels on /gbtelemark or @gbtelemark.

We, the British, along with athletes from the Czech Republic, USA and Russia have been commuting to and from the Austrian glacier; Hintertux, every other week since the end of September for a week of training at a time. The conditions have been variable, with hard ice to high winds, snow fall and even the odd, perfect blue sky day. We had the luxury once again of staying at Tux Diamant, a lovely chalet in Lanersbach owned by British brewer, Tim Jones. Tim runs his brewery from the basement of the chalet; the beer is called Tux 1280 and has a piste related scheme.

Very icy conditions on the first training camp, the Blossom ski’s were sharp!

Blue skies and grey snow! Awesome to have US athletes; Cory Snyder and Tanner Visnick with us this season, as well as many new comers…

Chatting with team-mate, Jasper Taylor, about skiing stuff no doubt

When you ski on a glacier in October, it starts to get much busier…

Louis Hatchwell and I, joined on the chairlift by the Russian and Czech athletes…

A new outfit from Dare 2b – thanks for supporting the team once more!

International training camp with athletes from the USA, Czech Republic, Russia and Great Britain

Since the beginning of summer, I have been in talks with Nino Severino, about a new concept for sport in Ipswich. Nino is now the founder and director of ‘The Hub – University of Suffolk’ where elite athletes, of all ages, in the area can receive and benefit from many services related to sport science. I am currently a student at the University of Suffolk and already work with Manos Georgiadis, my psychologist and Marco Beato, my physiologist. If Manos and Marco are anything to go by, this really will be one of the leading facilities in the country as Nino plans to offer everything from sport agents to social media support, fitness testing, movement screening and much more.

Some of the sport science team and athletes from The Hub

Some of the athletes from The Hub, posing for a photo at the Ipswich Town Football Club

Nino Severino, from The Hub with Graeme Mac, from BBC Suffolk

Participating in vision and motion testing with Jose Tomas

I was nominated for the Suffolk Sports Personality Award, which is run by Suffolk Sport. The nominations were reduced down to 8, we were then put up for a public vote to reduce this number to 3, I was very pleased to learn I had been selected. Zoe Newson, a power-lifter and Harriet Welham, a basketball player, were also shortlisted so I was very proud to be in this mix. It was an even bigger surprise when I actually won.

The Suffolk Sport Awards

Chatting to Graeme Mac, from BBC Suffolk on the stage

Manos Georgiadis, from the University of Suffolk and Alasdair Jones, from Colchester Physiotherapy

There might be a small height discrepancy! Photo credits and thanks to Keith Mindham

I am absolutely chuffed to have won and thank you to everyone that voted and supported the event, including sponsor Harrod Sport.

After the Suffolk Sport Awards, we commuted to the glacier for one final camp and we ended the week with a telemark test event. The contest format differed from usual in that there was no timing, but positive points given for telemark, rather than penalties for not having the telemark position. There were 4 jump lines where the furthest jump earned more points and a timed skate section which was converted into points as well. Essentially, you had to ski fast enough to jump a long way and carry speed into the loom and then skate, ski with good technique and skate fast. It turns out that I collected the most points and won the event. It was also great to see so many kids from Andorra, Spain and Russia alongside World Cup athletes from Norway, France and the USA. There were a total of 41 competitors, from 8 nations and with FreeHeeler festival running alongside, there were many telemark skiers on the glacier which is always great to see. Again, thank you to event sponsor; Tux 1280, hosts; Tux Finkenberg and Hintertux Glacier and all the organisers and volunteers involved.

Over the finish line! Photo credits and thanks to Tim Jones

Having a lot of fun! Photo credits and thanks to Tim Jones

Goggles off! Photo credits and thanks to Tim Jones

It was also lovely to have my parents there, they are not often on place for training so this was a special occasion! My Dad took photos throughout the day of the contest, you can find more of his images here and some of my favourites below.

Julien ‘Pingu’ Annequin, French National Team Coach with Sebastien Mansart, British National Team Coach. Photo credits and thanks to Mark Taylor

Neil Dixon, making it happen… Photo credits and thanks to Mark Taylor

On course… Photo credits and thanks to Mark Taylor

Colin Dixon (GBR); Photo credits and thanks to Mark Taylor

Barnaby Hodge (GBR); Photo credits and thanks to Mark Taylor

Skating with Seb watching on… Photo credits and thanks to Mark Taylor

The ladies podium and top 10 with Argeline Tan Bouquet (FRA) and Goril Strom Eriksen (NOR)! Photo credits and thanks to Mark Taylor

The guys podium and top 10 with Trym Nygaard Loken (NOR), Sivert Hole (NOR) and Raphael Mahlknecht (ITA)! Photo credits and thanks to Mark Taylor

Thanks to Tux 1280 for sponsoring the event; Argeline and I were happy… Photo credits and thanks to Mark Taylor

I now need to get organised for the winter season before heading out to France, there’s a lot to do…

Suffolk Sports Personality of the Year Short-list

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Suffolk Sport recently notified me of my nomination for the Suffolk Sports Personality of the Year Award and I have now been short-listed to the final 5! I’m so pleased to have been selected by the panel – but this year, the public will decide the winner by voting for their favourite. I would be so flattered and grateful of your vote.

If you would like to see me become Suffolk’s Sports Personality of the Year 2014, please vote via email HERE or you can text “D” to 07860 022 777 or call 0844 338 7624 (email is free, texts are the normal rate and calls are charged at 5 pence per minute but calls last no longer than 15 seconds)

You can see the other short-listed athletes’ profiles and get more information on the Suffolk Sport website and my profile HERE. The event takes place on the 12th of September at Trinity Park, just outside of Ipswich, where the winner will be announced.


Suffolk Sport Personality of the Year Award 2014

It’s been a while since my last blog post so I thought I would give a brief update on events while I’m here.

  • Telemark skiing has taken a very important step in the right direction towards becoming a Winter Olympic discipline. Andrew Clarke, FIS Telemark Chairman, said – “Telemark will be included in a combined package of proposals to be made to the International Olympic Committee to be included in the IOC’s Agenda 2020. Telemark could be an Olympic discipline by 2022!” following important meetings earlier this summer in Barcelona.
  • The British Indoor Series has been a true success so far (I’ve been sorry to miss them) and the final race of the summer will take place at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead on Saturday 27th September, which I hope to attend.
  • The first World Cup dates have been announced already – back to Hintertux (Austria) for the opening event on November 28th – 30th later this year.

All in all, it’s been a great summer so far and rehab is going well – more news to be announced soon!


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Here is my radio interview on the BBC Suffolk Friday Sports show!

I can be heard from 37 minutes until 44 minutes > http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/p00trhw3
You can read the full show’s description at > http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00trhw3

BBC Suffolk Radio Station

BBC Suffolk Radio Station

BBC Suffolk Radio Studio

BBC Suffolk Radio Studio

Even though it’s horrible to hear your own voice on tape – it’s quite fun to hear it on the radio! It was really great going in and meeting Chris Parrot, he was very friendly and I look forward to going back and up-dating the Suffolk Sports team on any news I will have in the future!