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British Championships & World Cup Podium

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It’s been a while since my last blog, time always seems limited once the season starts. After a snow-less new year in the French Alps, the British (and Army) Championships kicked off in Pralognan La Vanoise, France and the snow finally began to fall. We had the opportunity to train giant slalom with a small jump before the racing started and it gave everyone the chance to get a feel for the snow once more.

The racing began with a Giant Slalom, a discipline which is now ‘extinct’ from the World Cup circuit. It includes a flagged gate section with a jump, no loom or skate so it felt a bit like a training run. The following race was the Sprint and finally we concluded the championships with a Classic. Most mornings, we all gathered on the piste ready for inspection at 06:40am, it was still dark and -20 degrees. The racing was great fun and the perfect warm up event for the World Cup races to follow.

Inspection in the dark

Inspection in the dark

Still inspecting...

Still inspecting…

Giant Slalom
1st James French (World Cup Team)
2nd Jasper Taylor (World Cup Team)
3rd Sion Bingham (World Cup Team)
4th Jasmin Taylor (1st Female, World Cup Team)
5th Louis Hatchwell (World Cup Team)
6th Ed Lees
7th Colin Dixon (World Cup Development Team)
8th Olli Wotton (World Cup Team)
9th Naila Cardwell (2nd Female, World Cup Development Team)
10th Tara Parks (3rd Female, World Cup Development Team)

1st James French
2nd Louis Hatchwell
3rd Jasmin Taylor (1st Female)
4th Alec Dixon (World Cup Development Team)
5th Sion Bingham
6th Fred Thomas (World Cup Team)
7th Colin Dixon
8th Ed Lees
9th Olli Wotton
10th Jasper Taylor

1st Jasper Taylor
2nd James French
3rd Louis Hatchwell
4th Sion Bingham
5th Olli Wotton
6th Alec Dixon
7th Ed Lees
8th Jasmin Taylor (1st Female)
9th Colin Dixon
10th Ben Atkinson (World Cup Development Team)

It’s awesome to be British Champion for another year – thank you to everyone making it possible. GB Telemark has made a great deal of progress in the last year; new clothing with Dare 2b, a new van courtesy of Aquatronic Group Management and a new training set up with team coach, Sebastien Mansart. The outcome; a new and much improved GB team.

The Great British Telemark Ski Team

The Great British Telemark Ski Team

Playing in the snow!

Playing in the snow!

What a line up!

(L to R) Fred Thomas, Colin Dixon, Jasper Taylor, Naila Cardwell, Louis Hatchwell, Jasmin Taylor, James French, Ben Atkinson, Olli Wotton, Alec Dixon, Sion Bingham

The new catsuits

The new catsuits (L to R) Naila Cardwell, Alec Dixon, Colin Dixon, Jasmin Taylor, Louis Hatchwell, Sion Bingham, Olli Wotton, Jasper Taylor

Team-mate, Tara Parks, is unfortunately missing from these photos due to a bad crash in the Sprint – we are all wishing her the very best for a speedy recovery, she will be missed. Following the British Championships, we travelled on to La Thuile, Italy for the next round of World Cup competition. I finished on the podium in 2nd place behind Amelie Reymond (SUI) and ahead of Mathilde Olsen Ilebrekke (NOR) in the Sprint event.

(L to R) Jasmin Taylor (GBR), Amelie Reymond (SUI),

The podium (L to R) Jasmin Taylor (GBR), Amelie Reymond (SUI), Mathilde Olsen Ilebrekke (NOR)

The flower ceremony

The flower ceremony

Jasper Taylor finished in 15th place, Sion Bingham finished in 22nd and unfortunately, Louis Hatchwell crashed out. The second day of racing, a long and tough Classic on the steep Italien piste also went quite well – I finished in 4th position and Jasper again in 15th place.

Straight after the race, everyone packed up and left for Meribel, France for the continuation of competition. Saturday afternoon and evening, we raced in the Sprint event on the main Meribel ‘stade’ under the flood lights. This race was a tricky one for me, I picked up several penalties on the first run so had some work to do on the second run. The second run was going well until a near crash on the last two skiing gates, I just survived and pulled it back to finish in 7th place. It was very close between the British boys; Louis finished in 21st, Jasper finished in 22nd, Sion in 23rd and Alec Dixon in 32nd. New comers, Ben Emsley completed his first World Cup ever despite crashing out and Naila Cardwell finished in 11th place.

The Meribel Stade

The Meribel ‘Stade’

The final day, a Dual Sprint started well for me – I qualified in 3rd place and won my first round of head to head racing. Following this, I was drawn against Mathilde Olsen Ilebrekke (NOR) and lost out, Mathilde went on to take 2nd position and I therefore finished in 5th place. Naila and Louis finished in 9th position, Alec, Jasper and Sion all finished in 17th place.

Filming for the World Championships

Filming for the World Championships

It has been a brilliant week all around for British skiing, congratulations to Dave Ryding and Andrew Musgrave for their amazing performances, you can read the federations write up HERE. It was lovely to have some British support and a sizeable crowd watching live – all in all, a very strong start to the year for everyone.

The racing starts again in Slovenia on Saturday 28th January continuing on Sunday and Monday before moving on to Germany for more racing on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February. You can watch the live streaming HERE.

British Telemark Championships

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The season started slowly with very little snow cover in the Alps making training conditions practically impossible but luckily, the snow started to fall thick and fast at the beginning of January. This was just in time for the British Telemark Championships in Murren, Switzerland where we had some free-skiing, powder skiing and even some gate training before our racing began.

Jasmin Taylor Powder Skiing

Enjoying the powder snow..

..maybe a little too much!

..maybe a little too much!

GB Telemark Powder Day

The GB Telemark Team standing in front of the famous Swiss peaks: Eiger ‘Ogre’, Monch ‘Munk’ and Jungfrau ‘Maiden’

The racing kicked off with the Giant Slalom, a discipline which is no longer part of the World Cup calendar – it does include a jump but is missing the usual loom and skate section. Following that we competed in the Sprint, we had great conditions and a brilliantly run race with a very high level of skiing. The final day was the Classic with tougher conditions and poor visibility which made it challenging, but again, the racing ran smoothly with happy faces and a great atmosphere.

Wearing Snow Finel in Murren, Switzerland

Wearing Snow Finel in Murren, Switzerland (Photo copyrights and thanks to Colin Shepherd)

James French, Fred Thomas, Jasmin Taylor, Murren, Switzerland, British Telemark Championships 2016

James French, Fred Thomas and Jasmin Taylor wearing Snow Finel in Murren, Switzerland at the British Telemark Championships 2016 (Photo copyrights and thanks to Colin Shepherd)

I’m very pleased to say that I am now British Champion 2016. Congratulations also to Alistair Cruz, the men’s Champion as well as Fred Thomas, James French, Tara Parks and Naylia Cardwell who all finished with podium positions.

On Tuesday (26th January) the World Cup tour kicked off once more in La Plagne, France with a Dual Sprint. I qualified in 3rd position but was knocked out by Mathilde Ilebrekke (NOR) in the second round of heats who eventually went on to take 3rd place. The following day we raced on the other side of the resort in Montchavin, it was a Sprint race where I finished in 6th position with a very close set of results. During the races, the British Telemark Ski Team were followed by BBC Sport and BBC Look East as well as a reporter from In the Snow Magazine – I will be posting more details about this soon.

The GB Telemark Ski Team in La Plagne (Photo courtesy of the BBC)

The GB Telemark Ski Team in La Plagne (Photo courtesy of the BBC)

La Plagne (Photo courtesy of the BBC)

The Dual Sprint in La Plagne (Photo courtesy of the BBC)

We are now preparing to compete in another round of World Cup races over the weekend in Les Contamines, France before heading on to Espot, Spain for more of the same. It’s a tightly packed, exciting schedule this season and you can watch all the action as always on the live streaming link HERE.

Ranked #7 in the World

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This season has been my most successful season yet. I returned to be British Champion following sickness last year, had my first senior World Cup podium (finishing in 2nd place behind Amelie Reymond SUI), 5th in the Parallel Sprint (in the world), finished the season ranked 7th in the world in the overall FIS World Cup standings. Despite missing out on the World Junior Championships due to injury, there are still plenty of positives to learn and improve on.

One of the proudest moments in my life, my first World Cup podium.

One of the proudest moments in my life, my first World Cup podium.

I will now spend the summer in Ipswich, beginning with rehabilitation at the Colchester Physiotherapy Clinic, training with my new biomechanist; Dan Donnelly and improving the mental aspect of my sport with psychologist; Dr Emmanouil (Manos) Georgiadis to come back next season stronger than ever. Thanks to University Campus Suffolk for these fantastic new partnerships.

One of my favourite photos from the season. Fore-running a race with coach, Sebastien Mansart watching on.

One of my favourite photos from the season. Fore-running a race with coach, Sebastien Mansart watching on.

Thank you so much to all my sponsors, partners, team members, coaches, physios, family, friends etc. – (list goes on and on!) for making my life and career as an athlete possible and so awarding and enjoyable.

British Champion 2014

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I arrived in Rauris in Western Austria on the 8th January for the British Championships.  Racing started on Saturday with the Giant Slalom.  Sadly this event no longer exists at World Cup level.  The weather, slope and snow were all perfect, which made for excellent racing.

Perfect Conditions in Rauris, Austria

Perfect Conditions in Rauris, Austria

I finished first in the women’s category and despite winning the first run (including beating all the men), my second run was less successful, culminating in second position overall.  The result however meant that I have become the British Women’s GS Champion.

The Classic

The Classic

The second day of racing was the Sprint. The conditions again were exceptional.  I came first in the Women’s category and fourth overall (including the men’s category).  The winner was James French (GB Team) followed by Fred Thomas (GB team) and then Jack Harvard Taylor (GB Team captain).

Racing concluded on the third day with the Classic.  Having not skiing my best the day before, I wanted to end the championships on a high. The course was interesting and I skied it better finishing in first place in the Women’s category and third overall (including the men’s category).

Overall British Telemark Champion

Overall British Telemark Champion

As ever I would like to thank all my sponsors.  It is their generosity and support that meant I could train properly for this event and spend time understanding the course beforehand.

The British Telemark World Cup Ski Team and Development Ski Team have been announced:

Full World Cup Team:
Jasmin Taylor
Anna Morrissey
Jack Harvard Taylor
Chippy White
James French
Fred Thomas

Development Team:
Louis Hatchwell
Robert Houstoun
Ben Atkinson
Danny Johnson
Paddy Armour

The New British Telemark Ski Team and Development Team 2014/15

The New British Telemark Ski Team and Development Team 2014/15

The next event is British hosted World Cup in Rauris on 17th and 18th January.

Full Season Update

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At the beginning of the season, back in December, we had plenty of snow. It unfortunately meant not much time for skiing gates, but we did have some awesome powder days!

Photo of Jasmin Taylor telemark skiing

Snow in December

The first race of the season was a French Cup in Celliac, France. I had a good day of racing and finished with a 1st place! Here are a few photos.

Photo of Jasmin Taylor racing in the French Cup in Celliac, France

French Cup in Celliac, France

Photo of ski slopes in Celliac, France

Celliac, France

Then it was on to the British Telemark Championships in Rauris, Austria. After a very long, 10 hour train journey, I finally arrived the evening before the first race. The week was successful and to cut the story short, I won Overall British Champion! Happy days :)

Photo of Jasmin Taylor working on the skate section

The Skate Section.. Definitely needs some work!

Photo of Jasmin Taylor working on the Loom turn

The Loom, a big banked turn – usually before the Skate section, to kill speed.

The World Cup followed the British Champs. The above picture is from opening ceremony. As the race was run by the British, so we lead the other nations through the streets of Rauris. After the march we ended up in the town square and the following days bib numbers were drawn.

Photo of Jasmin Taylor and the British Ski Team marching through the streets of Rauris

Leading through the streets of Rauris

Unfortunately, the races were called off due to warm snow fall meaning the snow was heavy and dangerous to race on. Luckily, the races were perfect once we got to Slovenia though. The slope had artificial snow, and everywhere else was green. Very strange!

Photo of the ski slopes in Slovenia

Ski slopes at Slovenia

The race was a lot of fun and in the end, I finished both days in 12th position. Not bad, but not good.

Now looking forward to spending the coming weeks in Les Houches, France. I’m curently working for the British Ski Academy, and training with my coach Seb Mansart.

Photo of Kneissl ski equipment

Ready for Les Houches, France