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Since the World Championships

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Since the World Championships in La Plagne, I’ve taken some time to catch up on work for my studies as a part-time student, in Sport and Exercise Science, at the University of Suffolk, although still not quite there yet! There has also been several French competitions, including the French Cup Finals and French Championships. The first of these races was in Morillion which was the French Championship Sprint and I’m pleased to say that I won the race. I was also joined by my team-mates Louis Hatchwell (who finished 3rd in his category), Sion Bingham, Naila Cardwell and Ben Emsley.

On course, Morillion French Championships

On course, French Championship Sprint in Morillion

In the loom, Morillion French Championships

In the loom, French Championship Sprint in Morillion

I had some press coverage recently with In The Snow magazine, the Ipswich Star, the East Anglian Daily Times and on BBC Sport. This is always really helpful as telemark isn’t as well known as other skiing disciplines. We have a very successful, ever growing audience, on the live stream channels produced by Tele-Ho Productions which had over 2 million viewers through the Olympic Channel this season. I like to think all of these aspects are pushing the sport forwards and help to generate a stronger following.

Jasmin Taylor on BBC Sport

Article by Nick Hope on BBC Sport

In The Snow

Article by Patrick Horne with In The Snow

Coverage in the Ipswich Star

Article by Mark Heath in the Ipswich Star

After the race in Morillion, the following weekend saw the French race circuit move to Praloup. The first day was the final French Cup of the season, it was a FIS regulated Sprint race with challenging conditions in the form of fresh snow fall and poor visibility. I won this race and I’m also really pleased for my team-mate, Ben Emsley, who achieved his first podium. Ben finished 2nd in his age category behind French team member and World Junior Champion, Guillaume Issautier. Sissy Compton, young Brit living in France and skiing the French Cup circuit, finished 1st in her age category and team-mate Naila Cardwell, finished 2nd in her age category. Alec Dixon finished 2nd in his age and 4th overall which was good enough to take 3rd place in the overall French Cup standings!

On course in Praloup

On course in Praloup


The French Cup Final in Praloup

Jasmin Taylor and Ben Emsley

Jasmin Taylor and Ben Emsley

The last day in Praloup was the French Championship Classic and FIS race. I finished in 2nd place overall behind double French Champion, Argeline Tan Bouquet. Ben finished in 4th position overall and again in 2nd place in his age category which is another personal best result and an awesome way to conclude his first season of telemark racing. Sissy won her category again, Naila finished 4th within her age category. Alec finished in 10th and Colin Dixon finished in 13th position overall, so all in all, a great show from the Brits!

Sissy Compton on her way down the slopes in Praloup

Sissy Compton on her way down the slopes in Praloup

Ben Emsley in Praloup

Ben Emsley in Praloup

I’m now enjoying some down time with friends before starting my BASI ski instructor courses and university exams. A huge thank you as always to the people making this all possible!

Pre-Season Training in Tignes

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This year pre-season training, in preparation for the first round of the World Cup later this month, was in Tignes – a very high southern French glacier. Myself and development GB team-mate, Louis Hatchwell, arrived last weekend and spent the week with new telemark hopeful Jasper Taylor (yes, another Taylor!) and were also joined by French team skiers Camille Martinet and Clement Bergeretti. Tignes is 3500m above sea level so you can imagine that the air is a little thinner up here which makes training even tougher than usual, especially for us Brits who may as well live at zero-metres altitude.

Hiking in the mountains surrounding St. Foy (L-R) Camille, Jasper, Me, Louis

Hiking in the Mountains around St. Foy (L-R) Camille, Jasper, Me, Louis (Photo courtesy of coach, Seb Mansart)

This was the second of two weeks spent in Tignes and during our first “stage” we (myself and Louis) were joined by a young Scotsman – Sion Bingham, French team skier – Maelle Froissart and GB team skier – Alistair Cruz. Unfortunately, Alistair Cruz snapped his Achilles tendon whilst playing badminton and we are all wishing Alistair well with a speedy recovery.

Here are some more photos from our time in Tignes – enjoy!

Londoner's take the tube to work, well we take the funiculaire or the "Narnia Closet" as Louis calls it...

Londoner’s take the tube to work, well we take the funiculaire or the “The Wardrobe to Narnia” as Louis calls it…

It was a bad weather day so we played badminton - faces say it all...

It was a bad weather day so we played badminton – faces say it all… (L-R) Coach – Seb Manart, Alistair, Sion and Louis

In my mind, this is what paradise looks like. I do mean the mountain, not that bloke (sorry Hatchwell) ;)

In my mind, this is what paradise looks like – I do mean the mountain, not the bloke! (Sorry, no offence Hatchwell)

Next up – Hintertux World Cup!

Overall French Cup Champion!

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It’s been such a sunny and lovely weekend in Tignes, the most perfect way to end the racing season. Saturday, we had the French Championship in the Dual Sprint which also counted for French Cup league points (along with all the other French Cups) I qualified in the same position that I finished the day’s racing with – 1st Junior and 2nd Overall. This picture is from the French Cup podium (as I’m not French – I can’t declare that I’m French Champion) makes sense!

Junior Podium with Kaline   Osaki and Argeline Tan-Bouquet from the French Team

Junior Podium with Kaline Osaki and Argeline Tan-Bouquet from the French Team

The Race Piste

The Race Piste

Today was the final race of the season and everyone dressed up to celebrate! Such a nice atmosphere and we even had some new additions to the GB Team this weekend which was great! My team-mate Anna Morrisey did well too and finished with two 3rd places in her category, an awesome weekend for the Brits!

That last Race feeling...

That last Race feeling…

In today’s Sprint condition’s were slushy but I made it down in 3rd position in my age group and secured the Overall League French Cup victory! I am so pleased and feels good to have something to show for all the work.

The League French Cup Podium with 2 of my favourite people ever! 2) Laura Grenier-Soliget & 3) Madi McKinstry

The League French Cup Podium with 2 of my favourite people ever! 2) Laura Grenier-Soliget & 3) Madi McKinstry

Celebrating my Win!

Celebrating my Win!

Can’t believe it’s all over! Had a wicked time. Thank you so much to my sponsors, coach, team, club and everyone who has helped me along the way!

French Championships

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This weekend was the final serious race of the season. It was the French Championships, which were held in Montgenèvre. Yesterday was a Sprint race, I finished 2nd Junior, 3rd Overall and we were also awarded the league prizes, where I also came 3 rd Overall.

Photo of Jasmin Taylor collecting overall 3rd place at the 2012 telemark skiing French Championships

French Championships, Awards ceremony

Photo of the slopes at Montgenevre, France

A view from the bottom, French Championships taking place in Montgenevre, France

Today was a Duel Sprint (2 identical courses, head-to-head racing) after qualification I was 1st, which I felt happy with. My first duel race I won and the second round; I lost (by a bigger gap than what I had won by the run before). This meant I was in the play off for 3rd and 4th position. My first run, again, I won and the second; I lost but this time I had won by more combined and therefore finished 3rd Overall and 2nd in the Juniors. So, not a bad weekend racing after all 🙂

Photo of Jasmin Taylor in action at the 2012 Telemark Skiing French Championships

French Championships action shot

Ah! She’s got me this run. All the way through the lead was changing… I really enjoyed this race!