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The Olympic Bid

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Following the FIS Congress earlier this year, the International Ski Federation (FIS) voted to put forth various sports (that sit under the FIS) to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Telemark was successful in this vote but was unfortunately not successful at the final hurdle; the IOC stage. The decision took place a few days ago and while the answer was not the one we were hoping for, telemark as a sport is the strongest it has ever been.

The official statement from FIS Telemark

The official statement from FIS Telemark

Prior to the IOC decision, the World Cup athletes headed up a social media campaign which not only raised the profile of our sport, but has shown our unity and that we are a strong force. I spoke with BBC reporter, Nick Hope, leading up to the decision. There was an article published on ‘BBC Sport’ here and ‘BBC Get Inspired’ here.

An article with 'BBC Sport' by Nick Hope

An article with ‘BBC Sport’ by Nick Hope

An article with 'BBC Get Inspired' by Nick Hope

An article with ‘BBC Get Inspired’ by Nick Hope

The story also ran on the BBC World News television channel 7 times throughout the day of the decision. BBC World News has over 378 million viewers per week and over 52 million per day. You can see the report below which includes other international World Cup athletes; Amélie Reymond, Phil Lau and Tobi Muller.

The video below is the version included on the ‘BBC Get Inspired’ news article.

You can read about the FIS sports which did make Olympic inclusion here with an article by ‘Planet Ski’ and how it affects British Ski & Snowboard athletes and disciplines here with their official statements. I believe telemark would bring diversity to the Winter Olympic Games and it remains my dream to one day see telemark make Olympic inclusion. Thank you to everyone that has supported the journey along the way, the job is not done yet.

Suffolk Sports Personality of the Year Short-list

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Suffolk Sport recently notified me of my nomination for the Suffolk Sports Personality of the Year Award and I have now been short-listed to the final 5! I’m so pleased to have been selected by the panel – but this year, the public will decide the winner by voting for their favourite. I would be so flattered and grateful of your vote.

If you would like to see me become Suffolk’s Sports Personality of the Year 2014, please vote via email HERE or you can text “D” to 07860 022 777 or call 0844 338 7624 (email is free, texts are the normal rate and calls are charged at 5 pence per minute but calls last no longer than 15 seconds)

You can see the other short-listed athletes’ profiles and get more information on the Suffolk Sport website and my profile HERE. The event takes place on the 12th of September at Trinity Park, just outside of Ipswich, where the winner will be announced.


Suffolk Sport Personality of the Year Award 2014

It’s been a while since my last blog post so I thought I would give a brief update on events while I’m here.

  • Telemark skiing has taken a very important step in the right direction towards becoming a Winter Olympic discipline. Andrew Clarke, FIS Telemark Chairman, said – “Telemark will be included in a combined package of proposals to be made to the International Olympic Committee to be included in the IOC’s Agenda 2020. Telemark could be an Olympic discipline by 2022!” following important meetings earlier this summer in Barcelona.
  • The British Indoor Series has been a true success so far (I’ve been sorry to miss them) and the final race of the summer will take place at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead on Saturday 27th September, which I hope to attend.
  • The first World Cup dates have been announced already – back to Hintertux (Austria) for the opening event on November 28th – 30th later this year.

All in all, it’s been a great summer so far and rehab is going well – more news to be announced soon!