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Today we had the FreeHeeler Tele-Cross in Les Houches! It was held on the Col de Voza piste with two jumps, plenty of rollers and a flagged giant slalom course. There were lots of Telemarkers from all different levels which made for an interesting competition.

Bib No2

Bib No2

Guillaume Baud and Théo from Les Houches

Guillaume Baud and Théo from Les Houches

Men's Race with Tounet already Jumping!

Men’s Race with Tounet already Jumping!

I'm on the Jump!

I’m on the Jump!

The Boy's in Action!

The Boy’s in Action!

All the Winner's from today's Race with good Prizes!

All the Winner’s from today’s Race with good Prizes!

The women’s race was a clean sweep for Les Houches, I won followed by Chloe Blithe and Naylia. The men’s race was won by Antoine Bouvier (bib 22), Clément Bergeretti (bib 17) and then coach (bib 46) – Seb Mansart.

Yesterday’s French National Cup has been rescheduled for the last weekend of March and the next set of competitions will be World Cup’s in Norway! I will leave you with a small video from training this Saturday.

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